Why Jarrard, Nowell, and Russell?

In contrast to many accountants experienced solely in financial reporting and tax preparation, the principals in the firm are able to draw on their collective experience in public accounting and senior level corporate financial management. Additionally, a commitment to personal relationships and a comprehensive approach to financial management allows the firm to work with clients to manage all aspects of their financial equation. By looking at individual profiles and delving beyond basic financial reporting, Jarrard, Nowell & Russell guides clients toward achieving their financial goals.

Managing Wealth
The principals in Jarrard, Nowell & Russell work closely with clients and their financial advisors in developing strategies for lifetime accumulation of wealth. As needed, Jarrard, Nowell & Russell can draw on existing relationships with financial advisors to guide clients toward an advisor most appropriate for the individual goals and profile.

Helping Businesses Grow
Many new businesses do not have the expertise or time to fully oversee financial management in-house. Jarrard, Nowell & Russell is able to act as a CFO for businesses as they grow and develop.

Offering Experience and Expertise
The principals in Jarrard, Nowell & Russell offer clients a breadth of financial expertise gained through their years of combined experience in corporate financial management and public accounting. With experience at Big Four accounting firms to serving as corporate treasurer for Fortune 500 corporations, principals at the firm offer business and individual clients extensive knowledge and a comprehensive approach to financial management, tapping a broad range of financial services. For more information on the Jarrard, Nowell & Russell team, visit About Us.

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